Thursday, January 8, 2009

Anyone Want a Muffin?

Of all the pets in my house -- we have four -- Muffin gets the least amount of press.

She's just so quiet and laid back, she tends to get overlooked. There's not a demanding bone in her body. Moses, on the other hand, drives me CRAZY with her meowing.

The only bad thing about Muffin is that she refuses, for whatever reason, to bury her poo. So when she goes, you know.

I'm not really trying to give Muffin away. I just thought she deserved to be mentioned.


  1. It is about time. I thought she was put on the back burner forever.

  2. Do her eyes really look like that or did you photoshop them?

  3. Muffin is like our poor, neglected middle child.

    Her eyes are very green. But the lighting in that image overall was poor, so I enhanced it slightly with PhotoShop. (-:


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