Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Living in an ICY World

A very large swath of America has been covered in ice. Here in Maryland, things aren't so bad. I'm not complaining, but I do have to share some images from today with you.

To be different, I decided to give each picture a title instead of rattling off a bunch of text.

Brrr Rabbit

If You Can't Eat Them, Join Them

Slippery Stuff

Frozen Honeysuckle Vine

More Frozen Honeysuckle Vine

Interesting Lines in Honeysuckle Vine

Icy Pine

Pine in Ice

Finally, the Son is Out

The Son is Still Out

The Son is Gone

I hope you enjoyed today's ice-related pics!

NEWS FLASH: This may be the first year we don't buy any Girl Scout Cookies. They're going to start putting fewer cookies in each box to save money. Soon, we'll just be buying empty boxes. Full story is here. Empty boxes would certainly be healthier for us all.

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