Thursday, January 29, 2009

It Could Be Worse

Know why I am not complaining about the ice? Because we could have it so much worse!

These images are from Arkansas.

Now, this is some serious ice.

My birds have it easy compared to this.

Yesterday, my dogs were enjoying the ice and snow. Today, not so much. It did eventually warm up yesterday. Then it rained. The snow got saturated. The temperature dropped. What was once ice-crusted snow became solid ice. Belle, who is lighter and more fleet-of-foot, is coping better than Meg. Poor Meg has to tip-toe and is still sliding everywhere.

I risked broken limbs and a sore derriere to fill the birdbath. I might get some images later. For now, it is far too slick outside for me to be moseying around with my breakable camera. One good fall would do it--and me!--in. So I'm not going to press my luck.

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