Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It Doesn't Take Much to Make Us Happy

By "us" I mean my dogs and me. The "much" I'm referring to is snow.

To be quite honest, today didn't start out so great. I have a cold. It started late last night. I felt like crap this morning AND I had a work project due.

Once I had fed the dogs, ingested some much-needed coffee and got the work processes rolling, I decided to head downstairs for a breakfast break.

That's when I noticed that it was snowing. Snowing! Big, fat flakes.

I LOVE snow. I especially love it when it is unexpected. Even if I had watched the weather forecast, I would've been surprised. They were calling for snow showers. This morning's event wasn't a shower. It was coming down hard.

"Girls," I said excitedly. "It's snowing. Wanna go out?"

Meg, not being a morning dog, wasn't very excited. Until she got outside and Belle got her going. Then she was running so fast even her old, heavy ears were flying.

We only got about an inch of snow. And it only lasted for a couple of hours. But those couple of hours were fun. Wanna see how much fun? Check out the SNOW DOGS on my Picasa site.

Once I get rid of this cold and start feeling human again, I'm going to do the snow dance. I am ready for some major snow. Doesn't the Blizzard of '09 sound like fun? C'mon, doesn't it?

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