Saturday, December 20, 2008

It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas

We finally decorated our tree last night.

I'm one of those lucky women with a hubby that helps me do stuff like this. Ever since we got married, Hubby and I have worked rather well as a team.

He typically lugs all of the decorations up from the basement, unpacks the boxes, assembles the tree and adds the lights. I'm in charge of tree decorating and placing the other decorations around the house.

I do all of the shopping. Hubby wraps all of the gifts.

When Christmas is over, I remove the tree ornaments (sometimes he does that, too) and gather up all the decorations. Hubby disassembles the tree, boxes up the decorations, and puts the stuff away.

Of course, Hubby's a bit of a smartass.

After telling me he'd found the lights (which were sort of lost for a day or two), he just could not resist saying, "okay, your turn" to indicate the lights had been hung, when the tree still looked like the image at right.

Look a bit odd to you?

It should!

Technically, the lights were on the tree, but...

Here's a closer look...

He's such a kidder.

In years past, Amy has helped with tree decorating. She's our "traditional" child. She's the only one who really gets "into" family traditions like tree decorating. She inherited Mike's sentimental genes.

Of course, she's married now with her own family. So I'm pretty much on my own. Eric did help last night. But only because I sort of guilted him into it. How? As he was just about walking out the door to go to his father's house for the weekend I said, "I saved all of your ornaments for you."

"What?" he asked. Now, I know he was thinking something along the lines of, "Yeah? So?" And I know he was tempted to hang all of them in one big clump. (He did, after all, grow up with Hubby and me as parents. Not that I am ever a smartass or anything...)

But he was a sport. He stopped long enough to hang his ornaments. And he even let me take pictures.

In all fairness, Eric's sort of sentimental, too. But he's 19. So after hanging his favorite ornaments, the one's I'd lined up specifically for him, he left. The tree was still only half-decorated. But that's okay. I finished it up.

And I think it looks rather pretty. At least now the house looks a little bit like Christmas.


  1. What a pretty tree and it still looks nice in your living room, I must add. I wonder what Eric was thiking while he was hanging his ornaments?
    Job well done-tell Mike he made me laugh, as I have a friend whose hubby is another smart-ass,His wife ask him to put the lights up outside, he agree, went and got the stepladder and his hammer-took like 5 minutes, came back inside and said he was done. "Come look see", which she did and they were hung in one great big ball in the center of the porch roof.

  2. I know what Eric was thinking... "Oh man, now she's going to put me on her blog!" (-:

  3. Maybe next year I'll come down and decorate with you - it would probably be more peaceful than decorating was at my house this year!


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