Saturday, December 20, 2008


The last Saturday before Christmas FLEW by at the Kirkpatrick household.

The biggest event of the day, by far, was the cookie baking. As I did miscellaneous odds and ends... shopping, putting the final touches on Christmas craft projects, pre-wrap staging, etc... Hubby baked cookies (among other things).

Now, I do realize there's a fine line between sharing with you just how wonderful Hubby is and bragging about what a wonderful Hubby I have, so I won't go on and on about him. I'll just say that I REALLY appreciated all of his efforts today.

And, of course, I have to share some images. Okay, lots of images. But they're good ones. At least I think they're good.

Here's Hubby happily baking away.

And Meg watching. I just love the different ways she lays. Know what Meg loves?


She really loves cookies.

Can you see the wheels turning? She's wondering if she'll get one.

She's really hoping that she'll get one.

I mean, seriously. Look at that face.

She's being very attentive, isn't she?

The dog has a serious sweet tooth.

As an aside, notice the fancy duds she's sporting? That's her 2008 holiday outfit.

Her little snowman bell jingles when she walks. Hubby says it jingles when she eats, too.

Here's my new favorite Meg cookie photo. Did I mention that she LOVES cookies?

More detail on the cookies tomorrow. Hubby cranked out quite a variety. That's before he wrapped presents. And did the laundry.

Sorry. I wasn't going to go on and on about how wonderful he is, was I?

He rocks.

I'll end there for today.


  1. Aawwwww! Can I send Barry to the same place you sent Mike for training?!? That's awesome....AND he built you guys another home!

    You should use the above pic for a Christmas card, it's perfect! Love her new outfit...:)

  2. I love her Christmas Bandana! What a great way to spend the weekend before Christmas. Do your foster dogs get spoiled like this too?


  3. Meg's Christmas Bandanna is cool. Looking at the above pictures, since wonderful hubby didn't give her a cookie,DID MEG ATTACK THE TRAY FOR ONE?


  4. Yes, all dogs gets equally spoiled at the Kirkpatrick abode.

    Wonderful Hubby did give Meg a cookie. With that face, how can you not? (-:

  5. Well I hope that Dad made my favorite cookies - no one likes them here so I had to pass on making them this year!

  6. Um, nope. He ran out of steam. Eric and I will be doing cookies at some point this week. Tonight or tomorrow I hope. I can't believe Wednesday is Christmas Eve!

  7. Geesh! Wonderful hubby didn't make his Daughter's favorite Christmas Cookies. Wow! That must have been very discourging.

    Mom R


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