Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My World, For Better or Worse

Yesterday I took the easy way out. I grabbed someone else's photo and just admitted that not much had happened to me on Monday.

Well, I later realized that was pretty lame. I mean, stuff happens every day, right? The question is, is the stuff interesting?

You be the judge.

As I sat at my desk, eating but not enjoying my Brown Sugar & Cinnamon Pop Tarts straight from the package, I was feeling a bit, well, confused. I usually love this particular flavor Pop Tart. Hot or cold. But they totally were not hitting the spot.

I pulled the remaining pastry from the package and saw this (photo at left). I think it is Kellogg's way of sucking people in to buy more pastries. I wonder how well it works. What is "BG" anyway? And really, it looks ugly. And because it looks ugly, it tastes ugly. After I took this lovely photo, I re-wrapped the second Pop Tart. If I get desperate later, I might eat it. Or feed it to the dogs. Or toss it in the trash.

Speaking of the dogs...

I noticed Meg (above) was looking a bit melancholy.

So was C.

I couldn't figure out why. Not that I wasted a ton of brain energy trying to figure it out. I was working after all. That requires lots of focus.

But I was having a hard time focusing. Maybe it was my lame-ass, half-eaten breakfast?

Perhaps it was the fact that C, who prefers hanging out under my desk while I work, had gas. (I was even feeling a bit dizzy.)

So I decided to take the dogs outside to cheer them up. And hopefully give C the opportunity to air out.

But, it was raining. And we were confronted with this, which I think you might agree is not very cheery.

Doesn't this shot below make you shiver?

That's when I realized it was darn cold out there. Wanna know how cold?

Yep, not only was it wet, it was a mere 44.6 degrees Fahrenheit outside. But, what was worse, was the inside temperature. Did you happen to notice that in the handy photo posted above? It was 59.7 degrees Fahrenheit.


Hmmm. I think that means it is time to switch on the heat, don't you?

Maybe that will cheer ole C up. I'll let you know later if it worked.


  1. So did you figure out the heat or are you still just using the fireplace?

  2. i think that is the logo for Boston College. :-)

  3. So much for the "BG"! Thanks for solvong that mystery Meghan.


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