Saturday, October 11, 2008

Freeport, Maine to Home

I made it home safely last night after a drive that seemed like it would never end.

Remember I said I wouldn't take I-95 to get home? That I would take the scenic route? Well, I changed my mind.

The map software I used said the scenic route would be just over 12 hours. It would be picturesque, sure. But 12 hours is a long time. The drive through Connecticut, New York and New Jersey was only supposed to take about 9. Yeah, it would be harrowing, but I'd get home faster.

I was wrong. My timing sucked. I didn't leave Freeport until 10:30 AM. I had waited for the outlet stores to open which was a TOTAL waste of time. The LL Bean Outlet is tiny. The LL Bean retail stores are huge, but there were no deals to be had there. And the one thing I was supposed to buy -- a robe for Gaige, my 5-year-old grandson -- they didn't have. (I did buy some Wicked Whoopies though; more on that later...)

I hit New York City at rush hour. Traffic was at an almost complete standstill from the New York state line until I crossed the George Washington Bridge. When it finally broke loose, it was moving at 80+ MPH. Then it was at a standstill again through Newark, which, by the way, is where those 14 lanes of traffic are that I mentioned previously. Traffic got moving again at 80+ MPH. But there were still quite a few cars zipping in and out of traffic like we were barely moving. It was dark by then, too.

Anyway... I arrived home safely around 10:00 PM. That's 11 1/2 hours after I left Freeport. Yeah I hit traffic, but the software underestimated the drive time. Had I taken the scenic route, I probably would've had to stop for the night somewhere.

It was a great trip, despite the I-95 experiences, but it is good to be home. After I sort through the bezillion pictures I shot, I'll share some more with you.

I hope you enjoyed your virtual journey!

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  1. New York City at rush hour sounds like a nightmare. Yuck. Glad you made it home safely, though! See you on Thursday for TTT!


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