Thursday, October 2, 2008

Better Late Than...

I didn't do a blog post yesterday. I really wanted to. Honest. Especially since it was my youngest child's birthday. The baby. He's not so small any more though. And, at 19, he is bigger than me.

Anyway... there is one particular picture I wanted to post. But I couldn't find it. I found lots of other pictures, but not that particular one. I'll find it one day.

Until I do find THAT picture, which I most definitely will share, this one will have to do. Like I said, I wanted to post it yesterday, but I was having technical difficulties.

Hubby says this doesn't look like Eric. But I think it does. It was actually taken way back before Hubby was my hubby (he may not even have been my boyfriend, it was THAT long ago).

I know it is an over-used cliche, but I seriously don't know where all the time went. It doesn't seem possible that this picture was taken about 17 years ago.

I was only 24. Wow...

It's been 19 years since Eric was born. I was 22. Almost two decades have passed. Decades!

I can't remember what it feels like to be that young. To have enough leftover energy at the end of a work day to play with a two-year-old while he's in the bathtub. And enjoy it.

We were probably singing. Or making weird, echoing noises just for fun. I'm sure Eric remembers none of this. But I have lots of pictures to remind him.

I'm sure that, not long after I actually snapped this photo, bath time ended. I'm also 100% positive that I wrapped him in one of those cool hooded towels (I LOVE those things) to dry him off. After slapping a diaper on, I probably dressed him in his cute little Superman or Batman pajamas (the kind with a detachable cape). For sure, I held him up in the air so he could lay flat with arms spread in proper flying position. Then I carried him around the house making whooshing sounds as he pretended to fly. After I flew him around to say goodnight to everyone, I read him a story or two before tucking him in...

It totally does not seem like it could have been that long ago. (sigh)

Oh well. Happy Birthday, Eric. Sorry I'm a day late telling the world about your special day.


  1. That's a great picture of him!

    Happy Birthday Eric if you're actually reading!

  2. Awwww!
    I'm tearing up here ;^)
    Just what picture are you looking for? Is it the one of Eric that I show to everyone and tell 'em it's my favorite?

  3. Um, I'm not sure I know which one you mean. The beach scene?


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