Thursday, September 25, 2008

Keepin' It Real. And Brief.

A couple of days ago, I said some nice things about this Hubby of mine. It's true, he is a keeper. But if I keep saying all that nice stuff about him, no one will think either of us are real. Or normal.

I'm definitely real. So is Hubby. To prove it, here's an excerpt from this evening's conversation...

Setting: ToadMama leaving the kitchen, Gorillapod and various small frog figurines in hand (which I used to test the focus on my camera's viewfinder).

-- TM: Did you see my blog today? About this thing? (picture me lifting the tripod toward him)

-- Hubby: Yes. And thank you. You're so nice to me online. I just wish you were that nice to me in person.

Did I ever mention that he's a smartass? I can be, too. Sort of. Which is why I said to him, "You better watch what you say to me. You never know what I'm going to put on my blog!"

Which brings us to today's pictures, which I'll call...

-- The Mole Killer and His Victim --

See? It's not good all the time!

Did I ever mention that he has a pretty good sense of humor, too?

P.S. - Truth be told, the dead mole was good. Those bastards can wreak quite a bit if havoc on a lawn. They're back, too, now that we have grass again. (These shots are from a few years ago.)

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