Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Shhh... We Bought Some GRASS

Once upon a time, back before we decided to build a house in West Virginia, we had a decent lawn. Notice, I didn't say "nice"? We've never really had a nice lawn. There have been times when it was pretty decent, but never nice enough that I'd want to take my shoes off and run, frolicking, happily barefoot across the lawn. We never had grass that looked as nice as the grass shown in the picture below.

There was a reason it was never nice. It is because of where we live (Anne Arundel County, Maryland, USA). We're very close to the Chesapeake Bay. We don't really have "dirt", the rich, dark-brown stuff people grow stuff in. The ground here is a mixture of sand and clay. Stuff just doesn't grow well because the water runs right through it. To make stuff grow, you really have to work at it; fertilize regularly, keep it mowed and free of leaves and, most important, keep it watered.

Mike used to work pretty hard to keep it looking nice. Then we started building that darn house in WV and the lawn got neglected. Pretty much everything at the Maryland house was neglected because all of our spare time, what little we both have, was spent working away in WV.

So, we're finally done (for the most part) in WV. Now we can make the MD place look nice again. Our lawn was nothing but weeds. Mike decided the only remedy that really made sense was to have an irrigation system installed and sod laid.

Finally, we have a nice lawn! The grass you see in the picture above is our new grass. It is awesome. It is a shame I didn't take any "before" shots. You'll just have to trust me when I say it looked BAD.

I can walk barefoot in our yard and enjoy it! The dogs like it, too.

That's Meg in the picture on the left. Usually after being outside for a short time, she would be ready to come in. Now, she does her business then lays down and makes herself comfortable in a shady spot on the cool, new lawn.

CeCe likes it, too. She's our dog who, I swear, does not like having her picture taken (that's why she looks grumpy). Unless she has to poo and/or pee really bad, she actually walks outside, steps off the patio and lays down on her belly.

Now, I just need to figure out how to rig my computer so I can see the monitor while sitting outside. Then I could work from my new yard office! That would be awesome. Working at home has it's perks, but one drawback is that I feel sort of like a hermit at times. I hardly ever go anywhere. I even eat at my desk, which is really dumb, I know, but I am usually on a roll and like to keep working. Anyway...

This final picture of Meg pretty much sums up the way we feel about our new grass (and irrigation system, of course). I call it, "The Satisfied Customer."

Oops, one more thing... the moose picture in my previous post was taken in Wyoming at Grand Teton National Park.

You, too, can have a beautiful lawn.
Just Visit the American Turf Web site.


  1. The grass looks awesome! Maybe one day I'll actually get to see it in person - I mean if I ever get there to get that dresser that is :-)

  2. That first picture of Meg is pretty cute. She sure does look happy!


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