Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Seeing Life from Different Angles

Most folks who read this blog already know me. And know how much I like to take pictures. I hesitate to call myself a "photographer" because I think of photographers as professionals who make money from their craft. "Amateur photographer" might fit. Or "aspiring photographer" maybe.

Shannon, one of my biggest fans, disagrees. She says if I take pictures like I do, I'm a photographer.

I doubt I'll ever make money at it, but I do enjoy photography. I like looking at pictures, too. A lot. That's what I like about Web sites like Flickr. You get to look at all kinds of images, good and bad, from people all over the world. It is a great way to learn.

One of the coolest aspects of photography is that it makes you look at the world in a different way. Here's a good example for you (it is someone else's picture, so just follow the "example" link). Who looks at leaves that closely? Me. Because I see what others have done using leaves in images.

The lady who took that photo has a whole set of pictures I think you might enjoy. She has titled the set, Phoetry. A great name, if you ask me, because pictures like those in her set have the power to take me away, even if for just an instant, and let me appreciate simple beauty.

Here are some pics from another person, a guy in this case. He calls his collection, Rural Poetry. Another apt descriptor.

Then there are shots like this one from a lady who likes taking pictures of her pet rat.

If you are bored one day and have time to kill, take a look at Flickr. You can start at my page, if you like. Or the Flickr home page. It is easy enough to navigate around. I bet you find at least one shot that moves you (if so, send me the link), probably more.

I hope you have a great Tuesday!

PS - I did walk yesterday and plan to do something today, too. If you were wondering...


  1. Most of the pictures in Rural Poetry have been seriously enhanced with Photoshop. Not that that is a bad thing because they're very interesting, but it's kinda misleading to have pictures of "nature" that are not "natural" :-)
    I am SO glad that you decided to give up film and go digital!

  2. Ok, I'll say it again... "You were right, Dear." (-:

    There are different schools of thought on Photoshop. A really good photographer can get images like that without enhancement. PhotoShop is just a crutch for folks--like me--who aren't experts and sometimes end up with images that just need a little help.


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