Tuesday, April 8, 2008


It has been THREE weeks already since I created this blog. At least once a day for the past 21 days, I have thought to myself, "What do I write about on my blog?" I mean, my life is pretty normal. There's the WV Project -- the one where Mike, my hubby, and I are building a house from scratch mostly by ourselves -- but that is almost finished. I wish I'd thought of blogging in 2005 when we started the house. The Web updates would have been so much easier.

So, I still don't know for sure what I should talk about. Or even if I should talk about anything. I mean, this isn't like a diary where I can reveal my innermost secrets. The whole world could read it. You might read it and there's a good chance I don't know you. Or I do know you, and you know me, and you already know all the crap I'd chat about anyway. Sigh...

So, today is Tuesday, April 8. It was just another normal day. I got up a bit later than usual -- 7:15, I think -- but DID manage to shower before heading to work. In case you don't know me, I am a regional employee for a Pennsylvania-based clinical research organization. "Regional" in this case means, I work from home. I had to skip my morning cup of coffee because I had to go get some blood drawn. They took like 8 tubes AND I had to pee in a cup, too. The unusual volume is because my primary care doc ordered some tests several weeks ago, which I had never had done, and last week my endocrinologist ordered her own sets of tests. Nothing is wrong, it is just annual check-up time. This morning, I finally bit the bullet and went. I wasn't avoiding it intentionally. I've just either been busy with work or, still being half-asleep, started drinking my morning coffee before remembering I was supposed to be fasting before the blood test.

So, immediately after leaving the blood lab, I went to WaWa for some coffee. Then I came back home to the office and started working. I can't tell you much about work because it is confidential stuff. It can be quite interesting, and very stressful. Today wasn't too bad. At least the day passed at a pretty even intensity level, which was low by the way. The week should get more interesting as my Friday proposal deadline approaches.

I quit working around 6:00 and headed downstairs to cook dinner. My culinary creativity is nonexistent this week, so I whipped up something simple -- some chicken and rice combo using Zatarain's rice. It was tasty for a simple meal. After that, since it was Mike's tun to clean up, I got to update my Web site with the pictures from this past weekend. (It was a crappy weekend by the way. The weather sucked, my luck sucked, I was in a foul mood, and I spent $300 on tires because of a poorly-designed curb at a bank parking lot in Grantsville, Maryland [the edge of nowhere].)

Then I sat down to answer some e-mails and watch American Idol, while simultaneously searching the Internet for some vacation rental property (the location is a secret).

American Idol was pretty lame tonight. This season's contestants are all pretty good, but they were singing hokey, inspirational songs this week.

It ended and I continued to search for lodging. Then I remembered to call my friend, Carol, who I have known since I was like 8 or 10. We haven't chatted for a few weeks and need to catch up. Now here it is almost 11:00 PM. My dogs are anxious to go to bed. I guess I am sort of sleepy.

So, now that I have wasted all this space saying not really much of anything, I'll sign off. Perhaps tomorrow I'll be more inspired. Actually, I know I will be more inspired because I'm going to visit my grandkids. And my daughter, Amy, too. (-:

That was my day. I'm sorry if you read this far waiting to see if anything exciting happened. Better luck next time!

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