Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Real ToadMama

A post written by one of my favorite bloggers recently got me thinking. I'll tell you the name of this blogger, which is important because names are the issue here, but I must warn you that she exercises her right to free speech a bit more than I do. By that I mean she cusses. A lot.

That's fine with me. I mean, it's a free country, right? I choose to keep my blog relatively clean. Mainly because my Moms read it. So it's a respect thing. Even if I am almost 43 years old (gasp!). I guess even the ToadMama can be old-fashioned...

Anyhoo... Booshy did a post recently that was basically about there actually being other people in the world known as Booshy. Which is pretty odd, considering Booshy is sort of a unique moniker.

But then, so is ToadMama, right? Right? That's what I was wondering when I turned to Google and learned that, much to my dismay, there are other ToadMamas out there!

Of course, I had to be all nosy and check these impostors out. Since they're totally stealing my name. So here's the skinny, in order of their appearance on Google. By the way, I'm the first hit on Google, which is proof that I am the REAL ToadMama. Agreed?

IMPOSTOR(s) #1: The ToadMamas

The ToadMamas are a band, based in Charlottesville, VA, who describe their style as "hopping Celtic, New England, French-Canadian and American roots music."

Um, what?

It's a good thing their site has some sample Toad Tunes.

There's a schedule of appearances, too. Oddly enough, the closest one to me seems to be in Shepherdstown, West Virginia on February 6, which just so happens to be the REAL ToadMama's birthday.

IMPOSTOR #2: Doris "ToadMama" Pearson

This nice lady appears to be an upstanding citizen from Minnesota. She's a bit older than me, but seems relatively normal. Our pets would not get along, that's for sure. My three dogs would probably eat her five cats and four guinea pigs. But, get this, hazelnut coffee and creamer is her favorite. So, we could hang out. She'd just have to leave her pets at home. I think this is her, too. AND she's on Facebook.

IMPOSTOR #3: Tobey aka "ToadMama"

This particular impostor appears to be inactive. But I thought it worth mentioning that she's married to a guy named Mike and, in 2007, they were planning a move to Downeast Maine. I'll have to see if I can dig up more pond scum on this particular individual. 'Cause I love Downeast Maine. And, if she's cool, I might just have to go and meet her. Huh, guess what? Upon further examination, I have determined that she's still active on the 'net and looking for friends. Should I send her an e-mail?

IMPOSTOR #4: Unidentified ToadMama

Not much info here, but there's definite coolness potential. Although, she could be like 12.


Someone that goes by "laughingtodeath" at the Photobucket site created this particular toadmama, which is cute and definitely worth sharing.

LURVELY: Oddly, I found this Web page , which somehow or other gathered all of my favorite Flickr pix for public presentation. Weird.

ART: I now know where to buy a one-of-a-kind polymer clay horned toad sculpture.

SELLING OUT: There's a Toadmamma on eBay, but she has nothing for sale at the time of this writing.

So... after much time spent wading through and following links on seven Google pages, that's all I've got. There aren't as many ToadMama's as I feared.

And I still say I am the REAL ToadMama.

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