Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Change is Coming...

As early January creeps toward mid January, I have continued my food and photo experimentation. In case you were wondering.

Food first... A couple of nights ago, we tried Pioneer Woman's recipe for meatloaf (I got her cookbook for Christmas). Neither of us were crazy about it when we ate it for dinner, but I must say it does make a pretty good sandwich. Tonight... Chicken Spaghetti. We loved it. Her recipe for pot roast, which I made on Sunday, makes really good pot roast (a really big mess on the stove, too).

The book, while a best-seller, has gotten mixed reviews. Personally, I love it. It's not the best cookbook in the world, but it's Pioneer Woman. It's full of comfort food, and amazing pictures, and critters (inclusing my all-time favorite cow photo), and her family. It's like I have my own piece of her with me right here in my house.

I've been a PW fan for a while now. She takes awesome cow pictures. She gets me into trouble though. With posts like this one about her new favorite camera lens. Just one more piece of equipment to work toward...

Speaking of working toward stuff, I really am determined to master this camera setting adjustment thing. Not all of my experiments are worth sharing. But today, I caught something I thought was very cool.

After I'd finished working, I was on my way downstairs to get dinner started. As I passed the front door, I just happened to notice a pink tinge to the sky. This time of year, you'll see some amazing pink and blue skies. But the riot of color is fleeting. So I ran and grabbed the camera, walked outside and started snapping away. All in Manual mode, thank you very much.

I only had socks on and my feet were freezing. By the time I went inside to grab shoes, the color drama was gone. But not before I got these shots.

It's not art, but it's a start. Right?

Actually, I could have tweaked the color with post-processing, but I liked the way it looked as it was.

Now that I'm just about at the end of my post, are you even a weensy, teeny tiny bit curious about what is changing? Just a little?

My blog. I'm moving it in a slightly different direction. I want to incorporate more photography stuff, which will completely alienate most of my current followers, so I need to make some modifications. But it will all be good. I promise.

I'll be unveiling a new look soon, which I think will definitely be a change for the good.


  1. I was going to ask if the pics had been Shopped at all, glad to hear they weren't. The first one is very good.

    I'm intrigued about the change. You're switching things up and Amy's starting to blog again. . .new year's resolutions? :-)

  2. I really like the first one too!

    And I'm interested to see the new look and I'm wondering what kind of modifications you'll be making....hmmm.

  3. I prefer the first one as well, but sunsets are my favorite kind of picture. I see some beautiful sunsets from my back door. Love, ME

  4. I like the first one as well. Oh! A new look sounds interesting. Looking forward to hearing about your Chichen Spaghetti Recipe.

  5. Love the pictures - and looking to see more of your photography!


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