Friday, December 4, 2009

Ten Taste-Free Gifts

Looking for something to buy that no-so-special someone this holiday season?

I figured I would help you with ten totally taste-free gift ideas. Here they are, in no particular order.

1. Here's a very special COFFEE MUG.

2. Is there a man in your life who is very proud of his big, manly truck? If so, here's a fake magnetic BUMPER STICKER for him.

3. Here's a neat gift for someone AT YOUR OFFICE who is frustrated by visitors dropping in, unannounced.

4. This one is sure to be a hit at the office. The recipient will no longer have to struggle over TOUGH DECISIONS.

5. Speaking of executive decisions, this one is sure to be a HIT AT MEETINGS.

6. For your perpetually single friends, here's one for the LADIES. And we can't forget one for the MEN.

7. This has got to be the perfect gift for someone that just moved into a new house/apartment/parent's basement that can't afford FURNITURE. If you really wanna splurge, you should get them A COUPLE OF THESE, too.

8. Looking to LIVEN UP the holiday family photo?

9. Know anyone that already has every Christmas decoration imaginable on display? You really can ENHANCE THEIR COLLECTION.

10. This one is really for those of you that just like to pull stuff over on people and/or see HOW OBSERVANT folks really are.

You can't say I didn't try to help solve your gift-giving dilemmas.

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FibroDuck made THE NEWS!

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  1. I've SEEN that snowman wrapping paper before!! :-)

  2. Hi ToadMama. I had to say that my favorite part of the inflatable spouses is that of the list of benefits for each, Floats is on both. That's too funny.

    Shannon's friend Vanessa :)

  3. I am really thinking seriously about the gift wrap.

    V, I am glad someone noticed that the spouses float! That could come in very handy.


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