Monday, November 30, 2009

Not-So-Great Christmas Gifts

ToadMama's Taste-Free Christmas continues with really crappy, tacky, ugly Christmas gifts. Not all are Christmas-themed, but all are, well, just plain weird.

Like this NUTCRACKER, which is, um, closely related to this CORKSCREW.

Here's a gift that KEEPS ON GIVING. And it's a gift pack, so you can share the love with four of your friends or loved ones. I'm not sure why SANTA isn't part of that gift pack, but you'll have to buy him separately. If you are into those kinds of Santas, that is. And if you really dig the reindeer, pictured at left, you can buy yourself A WHOLE HERD.

Here's something that really taste-free... a Talking Naughty Farting Santa. If you know someone who will like that, they would probably like a BULLSH*T BUTTON, too.

Looking to add some culture to your celebration this year? Try Pancho the Singing Chihuahua.

Are you thinking about remodeling your bathroom in 2010? If so, there's a great SOAP DISPENSER you might be interested in.

Ladies, here's a gift for the man in you life who is WAY too buff. His own BEER BELLY.

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