Thursday, November 19, 2009

Horrible Timing

Yesterday was my mother-in-law's birthday. I did not forget it was her birthday. I totally meant to post a picture of her yesterday and announce her big day. But it was one of those crazy-busy days at work. I think I set a record for consecutive and cumulative minutes spent on the telephone.

Anyway, sorry for posting this late, Mom!

Happy Birthday!

I did remember to call at least.

For all of you out there thinking, "Uh, oh. You pissed your mother-in-law off! Your life is ruined..." She's not like that. She knows I love her. And I did call, but couldn't talk to her because her girlfriends had her out and about for the day.

Aside from work, there really wasn't much excitement around here. But there was no time for excitement because of work. And for those of you thinking I really don't work all that much because I work from home, or thinking you want an easy job like mine... it ain't all that easy. And sometimes I work many more hours than I would if I were in a office.

I did manage to get a few cute dog pics though.

Meg sleeps like this all of the time. Belle, not so much. So it really tickles me when I catch her because I just think she's the cutest little dog in the world.

I saw a lot of this yesterday. I often wonder if, during teleconferences, anyone thinks, "Hmmm. Was that the sound of a camera taking pictures? Who would take pictures during a phone call?"

Meg and Belle promptly ate their rawhides in the family room last night, as usual. K took hers to my office and saved it for later. So, later, while I continued working and K ate her chewy, Belle was jealous.

And now, for my favorite shot of the day...

... our three dogs. L-R, Belle, Meg and K (I think of her as Special K because she's so sweet AND her coloring, especially her feet, makes me think of a Hershey's Special candy bar).

Today MIGHT be more exciting. Maybe I'll have better pics tomorrow. Based on my schedule for the day, don't hold your breath.


  1. I think of our new girl K as being short for K9.

    I'm clever that way.

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