Friday, October 23, 2009

Meet Spotty Dotty

I know I already had one post today, but all the cool Fall colors that are finally emerging here in Maryland inspired me to take a couple of FibroDuck pics.

What I just realized today is that "FibroDuck" is the movement. And all the individual ducks have names. Which is the reason behind this post's title.

Meet Spotty Dotty. She's my duck. And I've been having fun taking pictures of her in various places.

Today I did some outdoor shots. I was inspired by all the colors. While you can't see any foliage in this picture, it's my favorite.

Perhaps because it features my two favorite canines AND Spotty Dotty.

Really, it's just because the expressions on Belle's and Meg's faces are priceless.

They are usually very happy-looking dogs. Dogs do smile you know. Really. (Other dog parents will back me up on that one.)

My girls usually smile a lot. 'Cause I'm such a fun and cool Mama. Usually.

Apparently, they were less than thrilled to be posing with Spotty Dotty.

That just makes this shot even funnier if you ask me.

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  1. I didn't notice Belle's face at first, but Meg definitely looks, uh, let's go with 'stern' in this shot.


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