Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Giggle Incitement

Something happened earlier today that really made me giggle.

As most of you know, I work from home. My dogs are pretty good about just hanging out, not bothering me as I work, but every now and then nature calls and they'll come tell me they need to go outside. Keep in mind, I'm all alone in the house except for the dogs, so they have no choice but to come to me.

This is Meg, my 10-year-old Brittany. The one that is famous world-wide for her Meg's Dilemma slideshow. Meg has a very expressive face and definitely her own personality that never fails to keep us entertained. Her nickname, by the way, which she answers to, is Crazy Dog.

When Meg wants your attention, she's relentless. Earlier today, I was working away, when Meg came and sat next to me. I was busy, not paying her any attention, so she put her paw on my knee.

I ignored her. The paw pressure increased.

Finally, I looked down.

That's when I almost choked. Because this is what I saw...

The dog was wearing my bra.

For real. The shoulder strap was around her neck and it was hanging down right in front of her chest. I didn't have my camera at hand, so these pictures are a recreation, but it really happened.

Not only was she wearing my bra, she'd put it on herself!

How does that happen? My bras were in a heap on the floor by my laundry room, queued up to be washed. I'm guessing she was sniffing around in the pile and somehow managed to get herself entangled.

Now, I don't know if she came to tell me she had to go out or to say, "Um, Mom. A little help here? Can you get this thing off of me?"

She was a bit indignant that I was laughing at her, but happy I was available to remove the foundation. She was even a good sport about wearing it again so I could take these pictures.

That's my Crazy Dog...

UPDATE: It gets weirder. If it happens once, it's probably an accident. Right? Well, it happened again! I was in my office, signing off the work computer for the day when both dogs popped in. I walked down the hall to the bedroom and when I turned around, there Meg was wearing the same bra. Now, that's just bizarre. I made her walk downstairs, tripping over the thing, so she could show Hubby. I'll never understand dogs.


  1. Omg, SO funny. What´s up with her?

  2. Well she likes being a LADY and decided to what it felt like to wear a BRA.

  3. Oh my god, just when I thought your dogs couldn't get any crazier! I was laughing so loudly Yves actually looked away from the TV to see what was happening.


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