Monday, October 26, 2009

Better Bird Pictures

Can you believe it? I had nothing better to do yesterday, so I went back to Conowingo and captured this picture.

Don't believe it? Good. 'Cause I am pulling your leg. This is a Bald Eagle in captivity, taken when Hubby and I visited the Alaska Raptor Center during our visit to Sitka, Alaska in 2008. As I mentioned in yesterday's post, unless you have a big, expensive camera lens or are very close to a bird, it's hard to get good bird pictures. Here are a couple of their other captive birds.

This is a Peregrine Falcon.

And this is a Golden Eagle.

Don't be sad that these birds are captive. They are only being held here because they couldn't survive in the wild. The Alaska Raptor Center rehabilitates birds.

I didn't explain in yesterday's post why I went to Conowingo. I mean, I've lived in this area for 42 1/2 years and never knew eagles congregate at the dam during the winter. It just so happens that I read about it on a Flickr "friend's" blog. I don't know the guy really. I just like looking at his pictures, because he takes really good ones. His name is Jon, aka Nikographer, and I was introduced to his work by another Flickr "friend" -- Alaska Dave -- in Soldotna, Alaska. I met AKDave when researching our Alaska trip. Dave introduced me to Jon, which is sort of funny since Jon lives in Northern VA. Small world...

So, back to the why. It was through Nikographer Jon that I learned about the eagles at Conowingo. I also learned about a cool place called the Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge (BHNWR), in Smyrna, Delaware, through Jon. If you didn't click on the BHNWR link, you missed some amazing Red Fox pictures. He is also the reason I went to Wheaton Regional Park where I captured a nice great blue heron photo.

I've mentioned all of this before, but in case you don't remember, I had to explain again. If you missed my last discussion about these guys, you also missed a very cool Snow Geese video.

If all goes as planned, I may actually get to visit BHNWR on Friday. I'll sort of be in the area since I'm doing a 5k on Saturday in Ocean City, MD. The plan is to detour through Smyrna on the way. Maybe I'll get some good bird pics there. If not, that's okay. Again, I really just want to see the Snow Geese. There's just something magical about seeing the skies and fields full of Snow Geese and Canada Geese, not to mention hearing nothing but a cacophony of honking.

It's a bit early in the year, so I might be disappointed. I'm hoping to get lucky though. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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