Thursday, October 1, 2009

And She's Off

Aside from today being Eric's birthday, which was traumatic enough, today was also the day Shannon set off for Europe. That's just the first stop in her round the world tour.

Hubby and I drove her down to Dulles Airport this morning. Of course I had to take my camera. And make them pose for a goodbye pic.

They were both looking all sad, so I had to give them a hard time.

"Come on. Smile," I commanded.

And they smiled. Sort of. But that's better than being all sad, right?

I mean this is a great adventure for Shannon.

Then it was my turn to say goodbye...

'Nuff said about that being sad stuff.

Hubby made us smile, too.

Then she was off...

At 5:08 PM ET I received an e-mail from the SPOT Satellite GPS (mentioned in yesterday's post) that Shannon's carrying with her. The automated message, set up to let us know she'd arrived safely as soon as she turned it on, said "Checking in to say that I'm okay and having a great time!" There was a link, too, which showed her exact location. See picture below or click here to follow the link for yourself (you can zoom in if you do).


  1. I am so excited to keep track of Shannon's progress. I'm going to miss her like crazy and am already chaffing at the restriction of not being able to respond when I get a SPOT update.

    She looks so sad in that first picture. She's been having a hard time saying goodbye and I had the pleasure of telling her how strong she is. I knew she could do this, even if it was incredibly hard.

    I feel like I've known her forever.

    My son's (Izic) birthday is also on October 1st. He thought Shannon had been gone for a couple weeks already. He was incredulous at the thought of her leaving on his birthday.

    If I think 6 is crazy I can't imagine what it must be like to hit 20. :)

  2. Wow, that SPOT thing is cool! Must have been a hard day for you guys. I'm sure that year is going to fly by, though, especially for Shannon!


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