Friday, September 18, 2009

September's Thirsty Third Thursday

Yesterday was the last Thirsty Third Thursday (TTT) of 2009 for Shannon, the oldest of the three younger humans we parented. She'll be leaving for her around-the-world journey in less than two weeks. Yikes! The closer it gets, the more real it is starting to feel.

Anyway... since she'll be away for a while (a year!) we decided last night should be special. Not only did we let Shannon pick the place, we let her invite two guest revelers, too.

The place was none other than Helen's Garden, a cute little restaurant in Baltimore's Canton neighborhood. That's my absolute favorite TTT venue.

Helen's has a very nice happy hour. You'll especially like it if you are a wine drinker. They have half-price appetizers from 5:00-7:00 PM and half-price wine all day until 8:00 PM. Any glass of wine on the wine list is included, which is cool because you get to sample all sorts of wine that you may not take a chance on otherwise. They've got great food, too. And an awesome bartender, named Tim. He's this nice, wholesome, down-to-earth guy (not one iota of bartender sleaziness) who is very good with wine recommendations and takes fabulous care of us when we're there.

The guest revelers were Shannon's very good friend, Laura, and Laura's baby, Ruby.

Shannon has known and talked about Laura for years. I'm so glad to have finally met her. She's an absolute delight. Amy and I decided she could be one of our TTT stand-ins while Shannon is away. We haven't told her that yet, but I'm sure she'll be happy to oblige.

Ruby was a big hit. She is just under six months old, and was very well-behaved.

Tim, the bartender, was nice enough to snap this photo for us.

Here are some other random images from the evening...


  1. You took a picture of the monkey lamp in the bathroom lol! And somehow I ended up with a picture of your foot. . .how and when did that happen? :-)

    TTT was fun as usual. I'm glad Laura and Ruby were able to make it out to join us. I'm going to miss this monthly tradition, but I know I'll get to read about it and see pics of it while I'm gone.

    I love you guys.

  2. Great. Now the world knows I take pictures of stuff in bathrooms! Notice I did not say, no matter how tempting, " of shit in bathrooms."

    You don't remember taking a picture of my foot? You were getting all weird and sappy saying stuff like, "I'll even miss you talking about your feet."

  3. Did I say yet "thanks for driving me home?" Being sappy over feet definitely means it was a good thing I didn't drive.

  4. By the way, we don't usually (and did not on Thursday) talk about my feet. I just thought it would be funny to take a picture of my foot with your camera while you were in the bathroom. Just to make you wonder. I had you going, too. (-:


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