Saturday, September 12, 2009

On Being "Nipped, Tucked and Sucked"... keep your assets from "saggin', baggin' and draggin'." That's part of a Dolly Parton quote from the end of this video.

In case you don't feel like watching, I'll just say it's all about stars who admit to having plastic surgery. I know a lot of these people are rich, and famous, and adored by millions. But I feel sorry for them. Especially the chicks who insist on lip jobs. Yes, perhaps lots of women do it. But if you ask me, most of them just look weird.

Here's one example. Gorgeous before the lip job, sadly comical after.

Here's a bunch of pics showing plastic before and afters. And here are some images that really tickled me, which show stars transformed into real people. Both are from the Web site, The Web's answer to People, Star, Us and the National Enquirer all rolled into one.

Plastic surgery isn't bad. In moderation. I'm not sure I'd ever go under the knife. The laser, maybe, as in electrolysis.

I know, I shouldn't talk. Most people probably think I could use some nips, tucks and other/or realignments.

Personally, I think I look fine.


  1. Why, Kathy, is that a new tattoo on your arm? Or just a really bad bruise? :-)

  2. That's not a tattoo, it's a bruise. I'm too old for tattoos!


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