Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Today's Number Appears to Be Seven

Summer finally arrived in Maryland, and pretty much all of the East Coast, with a vengeance.

Sunday was the first day of oppressiveness. I can't take the heat. I know this. I am a cool weather girl. It must be my Irish roots.

I did run on Sunday morning. I lasted about 15 minutes.

Monday, I didn't even think about running. Tuesday either.

Today, when I woke up after a mere three hours of sleep, I wasn't thinking about it either. I was tired. But after a good dose of my favorite Seattle's Best Hazelnut Coffee, I decided to give it a whirl.

I knew it would be uncomfortably warm -- 77 degrees with 77% humidity -- but it was cloudy. I assumed it wouldn't be as bad without the sun glaring down on me.

I was right. It wasn't as bad, but it was still bad. I lasted just under 27 minutes, and I only ran about 2/3 of that.

Now, I know I can run for longer than that. I did 29.5 minutes on Friday for goodness sake. But Friday it was only in the upper 60s and humidity was relatively low.

So, am I being a real wuss? Should I just keep pushing through the feeling that my body is burning from the inside out?

I have just over seven weeks to go from being able to run 2.5 miles to running 10 miles. If it doesn't cool down, soon, I'll never make it.

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