Sunday, August 2, 2009

Other People's Cows & Stuff

This is the first Blog post from the WV place. There's not a lot of excitement here this weekend. But then, there usually isn't, which is just the way we like it.

Quiet. Restful. Relaxing.

I did do something interesting yesterday. I went to Wal-Mart.

Any biker will tell you... it's not the destination, it's the journey. That means I won't bore you with mundane tidbits about my Wal-Mart shopping experience. But I will show you what a trip to Wal-Mart in West Virginia looks like.

I chose the Wal-Mart in Moorefield as my destination. (We're 45-minutes to an hour from four different Wal-Marts.) I didn't need anything urgently, I was just bored. Hubby was working to get the security camera installed and functioning. And it was too darn hot to run around with the dogs.

From Route 50 in Romney, I headed south on Grassy Lick Road (CR-10) then hung a right on North River Road (CR- 1), which goes through the "town" of Bean Settlement.

The image immediately above is overlooking a pasture on CR-1 southwest of Bean Settlement.

I just HAD to stop and take pictures of these cows. They're not just any cows, they're Oreo cows. The formal name is Belted Galloway cows. They're also known as "belties." You don't see many of them around here.

The little brown one, not sure if he was an Oreo, was quite intrigued by me.

Here's a picture of my bike alongside CR-1. There are lots and lots of roads like this all over the place here in WV. Quiet, scenic, rarely any traffic. They wind over mountains, through farmland and forests, along quiet streams. Idyllic is probably the best word to describe them.

When's the last time you enjoyed scenery like this on your way to Wal-Mart? Even running errands is fun here.

No matter how small or how remote the road seems, there's always, always a little country church. Often more than one. This is the Bean Settlement Church of the Brethren.

And this is the view from the little parking lot across the road from the church.

A little barn, decorated in the true country style, along Grassy Lick Road (CR-10).

This is my favorite shot of the day as far as scenery goes. We really are not out in the middle of nowhere. We have pretty much all the modern conveniences we need. It's just rural. And quite picturesque, wouldn't you agree?

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  1. Very nice. How long did it take you to get to Wal-Mart and I was surprised you didn't get rain on for all the nasty weather that was about today.


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