Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Business Name That Fits

I don't do many non-PC posts. This is a family blog after all. Sort of.

So I won't be overtly offensive. You'll either get this or you won't.

This sign was on the back of one of those for-hire vans. Hubby, Eric and I were on our way to my parents' house to pick them up for their party.

I think you'd find this way funnier had I gotten a picture showing the name of the business hand-painted on the side of the white van.

We thought it pretty ironic, and comical, that the company name was PB Short Bus.

If you don't get the irony, chances are you don't know what short bus means.

Sorry it's a crappy photo. Hubby was driving on the horribly pot-holed streets of Baltimore City.


  1. If you think those pot holes are fun in the car/truck you drive, imagine what they're like in my toy car sized car. Good times! I drive v-e-r-y slowly through the city. :-)

  2. Test comment for Shan's benefit. Don't worry, she'll understand.


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