Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What's Better Than A Cute Baby?

A cute baby that knows sign language!

This precious little pumpkin is Luke (last name being withheld, since he's a minor and all). He's the son of my friend, Annmarie. Who also happens to be my current work supervisor.

Isn't Luke just the cutest little thing? I love seeing new pictures of him. They always make me smile.

This one, of course, made me laugh out loud.

He doesn't really know sign language. His Mom finally just decided there was some merit to having the camera at hand all the time to catch moments just like this one. So when he's a teenager, and his girlfriend comes over to visit, she can share this image with said girlfriend and say, "See how expressive our little Lukey-pookey was? And at such a young age!"

He's around 6 months, I think. Or, wait, should that be "six (6) months"?

If you love this pic, too, be sure to comment so Luke knows how many people out there think he's a real star.

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  1. He's definitely cute - look at those cheeks! But by my count he has two fingers in his mouth, so that could be the reason. :-)


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