Friday, July 17, 2009

On Mom Jeans and Muffin Tops

This is not about body shape, it's about clothing.

One of the reasons I don't pay much attention to the news is that it's either unpleasant or stupid. But, since stupidity is far more entertaining than bad stuff, I tend to gravitate towards the offbeat, weird and just plain dumb. Yesterday, it was this video on Obama and his "Mom jeans."

Because I am so totally un-hip and out of touch, I didn't really know what Mom jeans were. But, since yesterday was Thirsty Third Thursday (Shannon, Amy and I actually managed to get together on the scheduled day this month), I got to touch base with my own, in-house experts, i.e., the kids.

As Shannon lined up her shot on the other side of the pool table, and Amy watched from the end, I asked, "Do you guys know what Mom pants are?"

I can't remember the exact answer, but it was something along the lines of, "Duh. Yeah! But they're called Mom jeans."

"Well, maybe I shouldn't talk, because for all I know, I wear Mom pants..." says I.

"Um, I don't remember seeing you in Mom jeans," Amy reported. I was sort of relieved. I mean, really, I'm at the age where I don't really care if my clothes are trendy. Though I admit, the label "Mom jeans" is just sort of embarrassing.

Anyway, as I told them, I'd much rather see women in Mom pants than those awful, low-waisted things that look absolutely adorable on only a select few women with about -10% body fat. But, if you're even the slightest bit plump, as many women are, and you wear those things, your fat hangs over the waistband and it's rather unsightly. Especially since the jeans are either worn with very tight shirts or, worse, short shirts that leave that flesh exposed. They are completely unflattering.

"You mean Muffin Tops?" Shannon asked.

I chortled. Leave it to Shannon to know a term like that. Amy knew it, too, of course. And once they said it, I realized just how appropriate a term it is.

Here's a blog post from someone else that talks about Muffin Tops.

Even better is this YouTube video...

For the record, I don't consider Obama's pants to be Mom pants or even Dad pants for that matter. I thought they were sort of cute. (Wait, can you hear a loud shrill? That's my oldometer going off...)

One thing I have to give Obama, he's certainly the most attractive Pres we've had in a long time. I'll bet Michelle will never be called a Muffin Top either.

So, do you feel enlightened after reading this? Or did you already know about Mom Jeans and Muffin Tops?
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  1. Well, you already know that I knew those terms before last night. But I hadn't seen that Lifesavers commercial and it was hilarious! Also, for the record, Obama's pants didn't look that bad to me. Maybe they were a tad short in the legs, but they weren't super high in the waist which is the sure sign of mom/dad jeans.

  2. Never heard of Mom's jeans or Muffin tops. I bet a lot of folks haven't, but they sure will now.
    That Lifesaver commerical was so funny.



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