Friday, July 10, 2009

I Smell Like a Wet Dog...

...and it is all Hubby's fault.

Today was a summer Friday for me. If I work extra hours, I get every other Friday off. Which is awesome. It's even more awesome when my work load is such that I can actually take the day off.

I told Hubby last night that I couldn't think of anything fun to do. First, he suggested I go buy a truckload of mulch. I told him that might be way too exciting for me. Then he suggested I take my doggie girls to the dog park. And that's what I did.

We didn't go to just any dog park, though. We went to the beach. I took my camera along, but wisely decided to leave it in the truck. So, no pics of the girls frolicking in the waves. I did borrow a pic to share though, which shows the dog beach at Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis.

The girls had a blast. They were both quite excited. Meg would go in the water, but not deep enough to swim. Belle, our toddler dog, was happy to go into the water and swim. Mostly because I was in there. She swims like a toddler, though, lifting her front feet out of the water and smacking them back down, flailing happily along. Right next to Mama, of course.

I was soaked. Between that and all the dogs shaking water off of themselves and onto me. Oh yeah, and there's the one time Belle swam out to me (I was wading at a depth of about mid-thigh) and for whatever reason she decided to try and climb into my arms. She didn't make it, but the front of me was a mess!

Meg was cracking me up, too. Like I said, she'd go in, but not deep enough to swim. She'd only go out as far as she could while still touching bottom, then growl and bark at me to come back in.

I really wish I had pictures to share. But I am also VERY glad I did not take my camera.

One of these weekends when we're at the WV place, I'm going to take them down to the river for a swim. Maybe Hubby will come along and we can get pictures of that.

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