Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Another "Must Read"

I've been reading a lot lately. And lucky for me, I'm on a string of really good books. The latest, which I borrowed from the library, is Where the River Ends by Charles Martin.

I borrowed the image at left from the author's Web site (sorry, Charlie!), but I didn't think he'd mind. I hope not anyway. I mean, I had to do it. You know how I feel about imageless posts.

Have I ever mentioned my dislike for book reviews that are like a mini book report, recapping the story in way too much detail? I hate them. So I won't do it here. I'll just say, read the book.

It's a love story that's sort of along the lines of The Notebook; beautifully written, heartwarming and tragic. Not a cheesy romance, mind you, but a love story.

Seriously, add this to your wish list of gift books or get it from the library yourself. It is worth it.

I read it in two sittings, it was that good.

Now I have to find more of this guy's stuff. I really, really liked the way it was written. The story was good, but the way it was told was awesome.

Keep up the good work, Charles!

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