Thursday, May 14, 2009

Why I Keep the Camera Handy

I was chatting with a friend the other day about pictures and she asked me something to the effect of whether I always have my camera attached to my hip.

I don't. But I do keep it handy. Because you never know when you'll look out your back door and see this...

It's a turtle. But it is not just your plain old everyday box turtle. It is a painted turtle. They're the kind that live in water. Since I no longer have a pond, I was quite surprised. The girls were both intrigued.

Apparently, when there are long periods of rain, like we've recently endured, and ponds/streams/creeks are unusually high, these turtles seek out dry land for a while. REALLY dry land, I guess.

I got a kick out of watching them examine this turtle, so I just had to take pics to share.

Belle decided to "talk" to the turtle, too. She's cute as a button, but remember, she's a killer. So I didn't leave the turtle at her mercy for long.

Instead, I plopped it in a box and sat it on the kitchen counter until I could set it free in a more appropriate spot. Like, somewhere near water.

The turtle doesn't look too thrilled. Better than being ripped apart by my cute little princess, though!

I'm sure the turtle was smiling when I pushed it gently to freedom through the fence of the storm water management pond across the street from my house...

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