Friday, May 1, 2009

Um... Happy May?

I have nothing specific to Blog about today. However, having visited my Blog to add the new header for May (isn't it cool?), I had to post something.

I found this Japanese video on YouTube. But don't worry, there are no subtitles or anything. In fact, there's not even any talking, 'cause it's all about a cat and a box.

Mildly entertaining, but better than nothing!

Apparently, there are a series of videos on YouTube about Maru (the cat). But I refuse to get sucked in today.

It's a big day. My first "summer Friday." That's where my company allows employees to choose an alternate work schedule, which results in every other Friday off. Nice, eh?

I'm off to WV. With my girlfriend, Carol. Hubby's staying home. The girls, Meg and Belle, are coming, too, of course. I'd feel way too guilty going to WV without them because they love it there so much.

Maybe Monday, I'll have all sorts of cool stuff to Blog about. I doubt it, but one can only hope.

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  1. How the hell did that cat jump straight up like that?!


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