Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Oklahoma-Arkansas Trip Report

I arrived home safely last night. Hubby dropped me off at the Little Rock airport yesterday (Friday) at about 1:45 PM. That's central time, by the way. Then he continued toward home. He stopped for the night just west of Nashville in Dickson, Tennessee. And he arrived home just after 8:00 PM tonight (Saturday). That was 750 miles of riding today alone!

It was quite a trip. What you see above is the back of Hubby's helmet. I saw a LOT of that!

Here's a screen shot from Hubby's GPS that shows his total trip mileage.

Remember, I cheated. I flew to Oklahoma City because I don't like long rides.

But Hubby tricked me. I ended up being in the saddle for about 1,000 miles anyway!

It was a nice trip, though. I am not complaining. The weather was perfect. Oklahoma was quite big, and quite beautiful. Arkansas looked a lot like West Virginia, just on a larger scale.

The thing I got most tired of, besides staring at the back of Hubby's helmet, was smelling dead stuff. When you're in a car, you don't realize how aromatic road kill can be! I saw HUNDREDS of dead armadillos. We saw quite a few live critters, too. You'll see lots of animals in the pics, if you look. But I also saw a couple of coyotes, which I didn't capture on film, lots and lots of turtles, a whole slew of vultures, plus innumerable cows, horses, goats, sheep, llamas, alpacas, etc. I saw a cowboy, too! Not Marlboro Man, unfortunately. Apparently Pioneer Woman and her clan live further north in Oklahoma than the areas we covered.

Wanna see some of the pictures we ended up with? There are a mix of images Hubby and I both shot. Quite a few were taken by me with Hubby's camera while I was riding on the back of his bike. I hope you enjoy the scenery as much as we did!

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