Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hubby Left Me...

And he left me in West Virginia! (Note to Mom Murphy: if you don't want to know any motorcycle trip details, you should stop reading now.)

Hubby didn't leave me, leave me. He just set off on the first leg of our motorcycle trip without me. I'll be with him soon, though, as I'll explain below.

I am not an endurance rider. By that I mean I don't enjoy riding very long distances in very short periods of time. In this case, with a destination of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, we're talking 1,400 miles in just over 2 1/2 days. In my book, that's too long.

You can see Hubby all packed up and ready to go. He left from the WV place on Saturday morning. By about 8:00 Saturday night, he'd made it to Beaver Dam, Kentucky (the "A" pin in the center of the map).

On the map, that looks to be about halfway. But that's because he rode the interstates so he could cover some ground quickly. He's going to ride a bit more relaxing routes today. Not too relaxing, though, because he has to be in Oklahoma City by 4:00 PM on Monday to pick me up from the airport.

Yep, I took the sissy route and decided to fly to Oklahoma. I'll be flying home on Friday from Little Rock, Arkansas. In between, we'll be cruising around seeing various sights.

I plan to post Blog updates when I can. But I can't make any promises as I am not sure if our lodging, which Hubby arranged, has Internet access.

Here's Belle saying goodbye to Hubby. Actually, she's probably saying, "No, Dad, don't leave!" (Meg had gone down to get her friend Buddy, so she missed the farewell. You should have seen her looking for him when she got back!)

I'd planned on driving home last night, but it was raining and I just didn't feel like making the 3-hour drive in crappy weather. So we left this morning. Today, I'll be doing various things in preparation for my trip.

Tomorrow, before I leave, I hope to post a couple of pics from our abbreviated WV visit.


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