Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Dump

Landfill fun
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We stayed home from WV this weekend so Hubby could get some time in the saddle of his motorcycle. He needs to shake off the winter cobwebs, achieve that comfort level that only comes from long hours of riding in a variety of conditions.

He plotted out a 200+ mile trek. I wasn't feeling up to a long ride. Plus, I had some odds and ends to get done around the house.

So I stayed home.

One of those little chores was taking a bit of trash to the dump. What an adventure!

I've never been to the dump on a Saturday. I usually go during the week. Either early in the morning, before work, or at lunchtime. There's hardly ever anyone there. Today, there was a line of vehicles just waiting to get in.

Once on the property, there were bumper-to-bumper cars, pick-up trucks and SUVs snaking their way back to the bulk trash area.

When I finally got to the dumping spot, with my boxes of trash, there was a worker dude there to help. Yet another anomaly to me.

Said worker dude was scolding me because I wanted to dump my boxes of trash into the bin.

"Cardboard can be recycled," he says.

"But these cardboard boxes are full of trash," I replied.

"Just dump the boxes and I'll put the cardboard into the recycle bin," was his response.

Weird. At least he offered to take the boxes away for me. No one had ever told me that one before. So I commenced dumping the boxes.

The last box was full of old beer glasses.

"Wait," he said as I was about to dump them. "Glass can be recycled, too."

He had a point. So I gave him that and off he went.

Where are the helpful dump workers when I have a truck full of heavy stuff to discard?

There was still a line of cars waiting to enter when I left. I don't think I'll ever go to the dump on a Saturday again.

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