Thursday, March 12, 2009

What's Wrong with My Brain?

So, yesterday I had "Come Dancing" stuck in my craw for no apparent reason. I still don't know why that particular ditty was forced to the surface.

Today, it's Heat Miser, which I of course just had to post so you could share my pain.

At least I know who to blame it on: Daddy Scratches. That's a blog I stumbled upon this morning.

I only read a select few blogs regularly. One of which is The Pioneer Woman (Confessions). Well, Daddy Scratches left a comment on her blog. And of course I'm nosy so I had to check out his blog. He's a bit long-winded, and he's not afraid or embarrassed to use the "f" word, but I found it entertaining.

His commentary tickled me. Especially the reference to giving his kid Ambien to knock him out (who hasn't fantasized about that one). He promptly couched that comment with, "Relax; I’m just kidding. I would never give her Ambien. It’s much too expensive. Tequila is what we sedate them with in our house."

Now he's talking! And Amy thought the fifth of tequila I bought en route to her house was for me (snicker, snicker).

So I poked around a bit. (Here's a picture of his that made me smile.)

I read a couple posts. I glanced at his Heat Miser title and snow picture for a microsecond, if even that long.

Now that damned tune is stuck in my brain.


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