Friday, March 27, 2009

Spreading the Word

I'm not a particularly religious person. I don't have much use for churches. But I do sometimes find them entertaining.

It isn't the churches themselves that entertain me, it's those church signs.

It tickles me when they get creative.

And when they try to be funny.

It tickles me more when I see a sign like this one. The first image that pops into my mind when reading this one is not someone praying.

Now here's one that might at least get me to peek in a church's door.

These images are all from a Web site called Church Sign Generator. It is refreshing to know I am not the only person that finds these things entertaining.

I found this Web site after seeing one sign in particular that really made me wonder who writes these things. It said, "Body piercing saved my life." I had to think about that one for a couple of minutes!

Here are a couple of others for your entertainment...

Wanna see more? Go to Church Sign Generator.

Let me know if you see a REALLY funny / strange / confusing one!

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