Sunday, March 29, 2009

Rainy Spring Weekend

The weather this weekend wasn't so great. It was cold and rainy pretty much all weekend. But my mother-in-law enjoyed her visit at the WV place nonetheless.

You can see Hubby's Mom, Dena Jeanne Murphy, pictured here with Meg. It was a quiet weekend. We sat and chatted, read, napped, and ate. We walked around with the dogs a bit, too, of course. I can't go to WV and not walk the dogs down the driveway. They just love that.

Their friend, Buddy, visited a couple of times, too. The floor is covered with muddy dog prints, but that's okay. They'll wash off eventually.

My mother-in-law got a kick out of seeing how much the dogs both enjoy the WV place. She remarked that Belle doesn't know how to walk when in WV. She runs everywhere. Belle absolutely LOVES running through the woods.

This weekend she had a bit too much fun though.

Early this morning, she found herself what must have been a huge pile of turkey poo. This is what she looked like upon her return...

Her neck is black from turkey poo. It was all caked in her ears, too. Her ears look wet, but they aren't. They are encrusted with turkey poo.

She stunk. Bad.

So bad that I was getting sick to my stomach while cooking breakfast. Hubby took her outside and hosed her off. It helped, but she still stunk. So she got a real bath as soon as we got home to MD.

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