Friday, March 20, 2009

Military Order, Magenta Style

As reported here previously, my son-in-law, who is in the Army, is away on Army business. Being a military wife is rubbing off on Amy, I think. Why do I think this?

First, there's the forced child labor...

Yep, your eyes see properly. My 5-year-old grandson, Gaige, is doing the dishes.

It's his job (this week) to rinse the dishes and fill the dishwasher.

Klondike is Inspector General.

After the kitchen was all cleaned up, it was time for PT. Don't know what PT is?

Physical Training.

Here's General Amy looking on as the boys give her 50 push-ups. Brianna was off in the shower, exempt from PT for the evening.

Joey can't count to 50. He's just 20 months old after all. So General Amy got down to his level to help him count.

When PT was finished, Joey got to watch Brianna dry her hair. This is a new routine both boys like to watch for some reason.

After her hair was dry, I told Brianna to strike a pose for me.

Joey wasn't very happy last night. Amy said it was because he'd missed his afternoon nap. I think it might have been the 50 push-ups. But I'm a softie...

Joey perked up considerably once Aunt Shannon started teaching him how to make funny faces.

He's got quite a sense of humor.

Speaking of Aunt Shannon... she got her hair dyed. It was supposed to be red. It turned out pink.

Shannon asked Gaige if he noticed anything different about her.

"Um," he said, studying her carefully. "Your shirt is too small." (She was wearing a short-cropped jacket over her dress.)

"Anything else?" Shannon prodded.

"Um, you got different shoes."

"Anything else?" she asked again.

He stared intently, thinking hard. Finally, after a couple of minutes, he said , "You got red hair," he said.

"Yeah, it's sort of pink," Shannon told him.

He studied her carefully again then informed her, "I think that's magenta."

And that was Thirsty Third Thursday for March...


  1. I was loving the pix with a big smile on my face until I got to the last one.
    That's when my eyeballs fell out.
    I'm not sure what to say...
    I think I'll...
    go look at the pix of Meghans new baby :-)

  2. Your grandkids sure look cute; their aunt looks a little scary. I've always thought I might like to experiment with pink or blue hair, now I'm glad I never did! :-)


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