Thursday, March 26, 2009

It's That Time

It's Spring. Know what that means? According to Hubby, it means time to ride this...

That's Hubby's motorcycle. He's really ready to start riding again. There've been some days here and there this winter when it was warm enough to ride. But since our garage at the Maryland house is so tiny, we keep the bikes in West Virginia. And while we've had a couple of warm days there, the two miles of gravel road between our property and the main road has just been too wet and muddy.

Anyway... wanna know just how ready to ride that Hubby of mine really is? He's planning a trip to Oklahoma. You know, that place where the wind comes sweeping down the plains?

It's a long ride. The "short" route, via interstate highway, is over 1,400 miles (2,253 kilometers). Each way.

But short routes are no fun on a motorcycle. You need back roads. You know, those smooth, windy, uncrowded 2-lane roads through the mountains and countryside that we like so much.

Here's a dandy image to give you an idea as to just how far Oklahoma is from Maryland...

The green line represents the short route I spoke of.

Why would Hubby want to do such a thing? He's a guy. They do weird stuff like that. That's way too far for me to want to ride my motorcycle in a short amount of time (three days in each direction). So I am going to take the easy route. I'll just fly to Oklahoma City and meet him. We'll tool around Oklahoma for a bit then head east into Arkansas. I've been wanting to see the Ozark Mountains anyway. Then I'll fly home from Little Rock a few days later.

This map represents all the states where Hubby has already ridden a motorcycle. The white states are the ones he has NOT ridden a motorcycle. So, once the trip is all said and done, he'll have a more-colorful map.

And I'll have something exciting to Blog about. Cool pictures to share, too, no doubt.

When Hubby was in the Army, he spent some time in Oklahoma. He really liked it there. He speaks of it often. So I guess it's time I see the place, too.

This is still in the planning stages. As time draws nearer, I'll give you more details.

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  1. Sure is a pretty map!
    Sounds exciting-Looking forward to seeing all the good pictures. I love Armchair traveling.



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