Wednesday, March 4, 2009

How My Dogs Make Me Smile

I love my dogs. Really. They're awesome.

I love my dogs for many reasons. What I love most about them, though, is how much joy they bring into our lives. They are quite entertaining. No matter how badly my day is going, or how crappy I feel, my dogs always make me smile.

I've snapped a few pictures over the last few days. Let's see if they make you smile, too.

HINT: if you click on each picture, you'll get a bigger view.

Too bad you can't hear them growling. Meg has always been a growler. That's how she communicates. Belle has learned how to communicate right back.

Belle "pushes Meg's buttons" by spearing her with her nose, nipping at her ears, belly, and butt until Meg gets tired of it and gives chase.

Belle is very fast.

She's also very agile. Look closely and you'll see that Belle is completely airborne in this shot.

Here it appears Meg got a mouthful of something distasteful.

The expressions on their faces just crack me up.

Especially when I call their names. They always stop and give me this look. The one that says, "What? We're just playing."

It really is a shame you can't hear them growling. Perhaps one day I'll get it on video.

So... did you smile, too?


  1. You got some good shots - you can tell they're having a lot of fun. And I've heard the Meg growl, so I can at least imagine it! :-)

  2. Now you just have to hear our dainty little Tinkerbell growling right back. It's rather funny. Who knew such a cute little girl would have such a deep growl.


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