Sunday, February 8, 2009

We Ate, Drank and Were Merry

The first full weekend of February brought all kinds of excitement.

Hubby and I went to the Maryland motorcycle show on Friday (my birthday!). The show wasn't all that exciting, but I did buy some much-needed deerskin gauntlet gloves. The real highlight of the night, though, was the post-show dinner at The Corner Stable where we ate some very tasty barbecued ribs.

Saturday, our good friends Kathy and Barry came over for dinner. They brought their dog, Max, too. We had lots of fun, as we usually do when we all get together. I made chicken marsala, which was just okay. The mint margaritas were way better. Dinner was also accompanied by a nice white wine, garlic bread and some salad. We finished the night off homemade chocolate bourbon pecan pie.

Sunday was merry, too. Three Brittany boys came to visit Meg and Belle.

L-R above are Bodie, Chester and Sam Bock

I've mentioned here before that Meg and Belle were both adopted through American Brittany Rescue (ABR), albeit at different times. Andrea Bock, the ABR coordinator for Maryland and Virginia, lives nearby. Andrea and I actually met years ago when we both worked for a large investment management firm in downtown Baltimore. It was she who introduced me to ABR.

Andrea, who's been anxious to meet Belle since her arrival over a month ago, stopped by for a visit today. They got to meet my girls and stretch their legs.

This is Bodie pictured above.

Here Belle is following Chester. She was a bit overwhelmed by the big boys.

This is Sam, who really seemed to enjoy cavorting around -- and digging in! -- the yard.

In this picture, you can see Meg checking out Chester.

Belle did eventually start warming up to the boys. Though neither of my girls ran around with the boys as much as I thought they would, they still seemed to enjoy the visit.

It was interesting seeing five, yes FIVE, dogs in our yard. If only the ground were drier, we'd have much cleaner dogs and far fewer muddy divots in the grass.

Spring is coming. The yard will dry and recover eventually. I see more play dates in our future.

To see all of the pictures from today, you can visit my Picasa page.


  1. Those boys look huge compared to Meg and Belle!

  2. Yep. That's why I think Belle was overwhelmed. She doesn't like big boy dogs. After she figures out she can outrun them, she's okay. But three new ones at one time was too much for her.


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