Friday, January 16, 2009

Change in Plans...I DO Want to See the Inauguration

I can hear Hubby groaning aloud already. And other faithful fans wondering if I've lost it or am so headachy/hungover after celebrating Thirsty Third Thursday last night that I've lost my grip on reality.

Just watch the video. Okay? It's definitely my kind of inauguration celebration. And I am totally jealous of the guy who gets PAID to engineer it.

Back to Thirsty Third Thursday... I really wanted to take pictures, but I didn't. When Shannon, Amy and I get together on a monthly basis, we're just too darn busy chatting and catching up on the happenings in each others' lives to do much other than laugh, drink and laugh some more. Between the three of us, we usually come up with some pretty good stories.

The restaurant we chose last night, a funky little Neapolitan-style pizza eatery just steps from Shannon's cool apartment called Iggie's, has a Web page, but it's not very extensive. By that I mean, not a lot of pictures.

Last night, we gorged ourselves on two pizzas, a Patata and a Verdura Fresca. They're not your typical, run-of-the-mill meat and cheese pizzas. The Patata is a thin-crust pizza topped with potato, mozzarella, pancetta (that's MEAT), and taleggio rosemary oil. The Verdura Fresca is topped with seasonal vegetables (last night was red onions...YUM), spinach, pecorino mozzarella and a balsamic reduction.

They were both, well, delightful. Although I didn't take pictures, one other blogger did. So you can at least see how yummy some of their pizza looks (not the exact pizza we ate, unfortunately). Iggie's was featured at least once in the Baltimore Sun, too. Since I added a link, I hope it's okay that I borrowed this picture to share...

So, that was Thirsty Third Thursday for January 2009. It was fun. But, seriously, I'm way too headachy/hungover to write more. And I need to get to work. So I'll leave you with this...

Happy Friday!


  1. You're hungover? Huh. I feel fine. :-) I'm a little tired because a certain someone decided to text me a bunch after he got off work last night, but other than that. . .I'm peachy!

  2. "Peachy"? I guess that means I'm just old. )-:


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