Thursday, January 29, 2009

Amazing Ice Pics & Rookie News

As for the amazing ice pictures... I didn't take them. They were sent to me by a colleague, Dana O'Quin, who lives in Harrison, Arkansas, just east of Fayetteville. The Arkansas ice shots I posted earlier were from CNN. I was actually going to mention Dana earlier, 'cause I know she's been without power, but I hadn't talked to her. So I decided to call and check on her first.

And guess what? She sent some pictures of her own for me to share. Who needs CNN when you have cool connections like that?

Look closely. There's a branch frozen in there.

Power lines can only take so much weight before they snap...

...and this happens.

Just look how thick that ice is!

Tree limbs were snapping all across the state. So if the ice itself didn't bring the wires down, trees or fallen limbs did the trick.

That is a lot of ice. A whole lot of ice.

It looks as if a tornado just went through, doesn't it?

That's a broken utility pole. In case you can't tell by looking yourself.

This is my favorite picture. It is Dana's son, Marrick, sitting on a huge evergreen tree. Now, when I first saw it, I told Dana it looked creepy. I said it looks Photoshopped 'cause the last thing you'd expect to see is a full-grown boy sitting ON an evergreen.

She replied with, "Marrick isn't creepy." I had to clarify with "Marrick is cute, but the picture looks creepy!" So she sent me two more pics to prove it was not a doctored shot.

Marrick really is pretty cute, isn't he?

He sort of looks like Joe Flacco, doesn't he? They both have the same color hair anyway. Speaking of Joe Flacco (yes, that was a stretch for a segue), the Baltimore Ravens' quarterback was named rookie of the year! All of your votes counted. Thanks for stepping up to help.


  1. Those are some amazingly icy pictures! Wow!

  2. Thanks Kathy! We finally got power back on Sunday just in time for a hot shower (heaven!) and to watch the Superbowl. Still have friends around Harrison waiting for power....

  3. YAY!!! Glad to hear you have power again. My fans really enjoyed the pics. They don't comment here much, but several told me by e-mail how amazing the pics were!


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