Friday, December 5, 2008

Tacky/Funny Ads

Christmas tackiness is not limited to decorations and strange TV commercials. There are unusual retail ads, too.

Though, I must admit, I don't find this particular ad (tiny glimpse of ad shown at left) tacky. Or offensive.

I find it funny. But that's just me.

Hooray to all the retailers -- brick-and-mortar and Web retailers alike -- that have a sense of humor.

I mean, retailers like Hallmark are way too sappy. It sort of pisses me off when I see ads that make me wanna cry. I mean, who needs that sort of downer? I know it's gonna be sad, but I don't know how sad. So once I start watching, I can't stop.

What is funny, however, is this Hallmark-related video some warped folks put together.

I don't know WHO would do something like this to those cute little Hallmark animated figures. I mean, what kind of people do stuff like that WITH STUFFED ANIMALS??? Sick people, that's what kind. Not that I know anyone like that...

Anyway... back to the funny retail ad. The one I mentioned at the top of this post before distracting you with animal obscenity.

Are you wondering yet why I find this funny?

You have to see the whole ad. I posted a larger view for your convenience below.

It's not just the illustration that kills me, though I find it classic. It's the ad copy, too. So be sure to read the text in the image. If it is too small for you, click on the image and you'll be taken to a larger version.

And if you need so of that "innovation" for someone you know, visit the retailer's Web site. I didn't have a lot of spare time to dig, so if they have more ads like this one, do share!


  1. Oh man, this is fun! Barry's laugh gave the second video away. :-)

  2. Um, what's that mean? There's just one video on this post. And I pulled it from You Tube.


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