Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Did You Miss Me?

So, I haven't posted anything since last Thursday. It's been five days. And no one, not one single person, said, "Why haven't you updated your blog?"

Hmmm. Think that should tell me something? Like maybe I don't have nearly as many faithful fans as I'd thought?

Oh well. I'm not easily discouraged. When it comes to doing creative stuff anyway. Especially when I actually have something interesting to write about and new pictures to share.

Hubby and I spent the weekend at the WV place with our three grandchildren.

There's Brianna, who is going to turn eight at the end of December...

Then there's Gaige, who turned five a month ago exactly.

And finally, Joey. At 16 months, he's the baby of the bunch. But he's hardly a baby anymore. He walks. He talks (a little). And he's all about having a good time.

It was an interesting weekend. They kept Hubby and I hopping, that's for sure! After spending any length of time with the three of them, we both wonder how our daughter, their mother, maintains her sanity. Especially since her Army husband has been off training for EIGHT months. Which in essence means she's been a single mother of three.


Don't get me wrong, they're fabulous kids. But they, or at least one of them at any given time, require attention pretty much every single second that they are awake. I guess Hubby and I have just gotten soft in our old age.

Despite the chaos, we did manage to have a pretty good time. Check out this little video to see for yourself. It's a low-resolution .mpeg. If you'd like to see the higher resolution version and have the patience (just under two minutes with a high-speed connection) to wait for the 16.7 mb .exe file to open, CLICK HERE.

Maybe I'll share more details later. But only if I get some comments so I know people really are reading this.


  1. I've missed you! I know after time with the kids you always have a good post about them and pics so I was patiently waiting.

    That and the fact that I've been swamped with work! And you can check that I'm telling the truth - I haven't posted either! :-)

  2. It was so much easier to watch the video than participate! Not as much fun, but easier :-)

  3. We just need more practice. I think. Or some good drugs for energy.

  4. Hey! Doesn't Blogger let you track who visits even if they don't comment? If so, you'd see that I checked every day for a new post, even though I never commented. I just figured you were busy and didn't need the nagging - especially from a non-blogger such as myself. :-)

  5. It's okay to nag sometimes. They do track stats, but I never look.

    My Mom missed me, too. But I don't think she knows how to comment. (-:

    I feel better knowing, Hubby, 66.66% of my children and my mother missed me!

  6. Yep, I did missed you, like Shannon I kept looking and I figured you were busy with all that you do.

    Now I learned to do something new and like they say when you learned something new you just added a new wrinkle.

    You give good instructions on how to comment to another none blogger.

  7. oops! I guess I need more instructions! I do not understand how to select a profile when sending a comment. Send HELP! Yep you guess it-no name to the post it's me your MOM


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