Thursday, November 13, 2008

Beware Calls From Area Code 062

Today I got yet another call from "Unknown Name" (of course) at 062-261-7470. I've had these calls before. There was a recent one from 062-274-5877, too.

If you answer, like I did, you get a message about lowering your current credit card interest rate. There is an option to opt out from future calls, but it doesn't work. They call again anyway.

You're probably wondering why I answer. Well, the calls come in on my office line. Often, when some of my ex-US co-workers call, the phone number never displays properly and shows as Unknown Name.

If you are like my Hubby, at this very second you are wondering why I don't just report "the bastards."

I finally decided to do a bit of research. To make a long story short, any call coming from a 062 area code is a scam. (Google "calls from area code 062" if you want the boring details.) As it turns out, 062 is not a real area code. Because it is not a real area code, it can't be blocked. Nor can you report it to the friendly "do not call" folks.

I even saw a couple of reports that said calling these people back results in hefty phone charges in the area of $6/minute. So that's not an option either.

Anyway... during my little research tangent, I came across this video, which is titled, "How to torment telemarketers with one word." It's short, entertaining and, of course, family-friendly.

Notice I didn't say it is "hilarious" or that it made me LMAO. It's just sort of "little giggle" funny. But even a little giggle is a good thing. Right?


  1. I Googled "calls from area code 062" and the third hit? Yup. This very page! Hmmm.


    Here's what I would do. Once you know that the calls coming from 062 are from the lower your credit card interest rate buttheads, you know you're dealing with a lying bastard that is trying to take your money. Have no compassion for such a low life. Into the mouthpiece of the telephone, as hard as you possibly can, blow a whistle. Your soccer ref's whistle will work nicely. (A canned air horn like you've seen in stadiums would work too.) Then sit back and chuckle as you picture in your mind the slimeball ripping the headset off their head :-)

  2. I might get some satisfaction out of that. But... I'm sure the whistle would traumatize at least one of the dogs and they'd be weirded out for hours. So that joke would end up being on me. I think it is probably easier just not to answer.


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