Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Nose Game

I have something new, cool and exciting to post. It's not really super-new. But it is cool and exciting. I shot the video back in July. And I have been meaning to post it here on my nifty little blog. Seriously. But I forgot.

Don't hit PLAY yet! Let me tell you about the nose game first. It's Hubby's creation.

Every day when Hubby gets home from work, he greets "the girls" (our two Brittanys) then sends them outside to pee. Or poo. That really doesn't matter. What's important is that while they're outside, he puts two big, fragrant treats in a plastic container (with holes punched in the side so the scent can escape) and hides the container somewhere on the main level of our house. Part of the hiding involves him walking through all the rooms, shaking the container to make sure the scent is all over the place. The object of the game is simple. The dogs have to use their nose to sniff out the treats. When they find them, they're supposed to sit. Whoever finds the container gets their treat first.

You can hit PLAY now...

I hope you enjoyed watching the nose game as much as the girls enjoy playing. And as much as Hubby and I like watching them in action!


  1. It really is the funniest thing ever to watch in person!

  2. It looks like CeCe is just following Meg around in hopes that she can sit first :-)

    And my dog may listen better than yours but he also doesn't do cool things like that!


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