Friday, September 26, 2008

The Daily Conundrum

The thing about having a blog is that, on a daily basis, I have to think of something creative to talk about. Or at least something mildly interesting. Funny works, too. And I have to come up with an image to accompany the post because, as I have said a million times, image-less posts are just not as interesting. In my opinion.

I am usually able to find a shot of my own to use. Or I just go to Flickr and use someone else's. (That's not stealing, by the way. Most pictures in Flickr have a BLOG THIS option for that specific reason. In case you were wondering.)

Weirdest Discovery: This week I stumbled across a blog post that in itself isn't weird, it is what the author innocently exposed that still has me marveling at the strangeness of humanity. After you read through her post, look at the 8th comment. If you don't look at the 8th comment, you totally won't get the strangeness I am referring to.

Interesting Pictures (someone else's): I forget how I stumbled across this lady's blog. Maybe through the Shutter Sisters blog, which I have to give Shannon credit for pointing out to me.

Cool Video: This really isn't a video. It's a slide show I did a while back featuring my dogs, Meg and C. Some of you have seen it before. Sorry, but I really like it.

Wanna know what's coolest about it? At the end of the slide show, I mentioned that both of my dogs came to us through American Brittany Rescue (ABR). Soon afterward, I noticed other rescue groups posting slide shows and/or videos of dogs available for adoption. Like this one, which is very well done, from someone at the National Brittany Rescue and Adoption Network (NBRAN). That's not a rival group; ABR and NBRAN work together frequently, especially on transports.

Most-Helpful Writing Tips: I could share some tips of my own or just take the easy way out and point you to sites like this one.

Subtle (and not-so-subtle) Humor: Or point you to sites like this, which Hubby introduced me to, that regularly features offbeat news (weird, strange, crazy and odd stories) and photos.

Useful Tools: I could be really boring, too, and point you to sites like this one, which for some strange reason I don't have bookmarked even though I refer to it frequently. Or this one, which could be really useful in deciding where to go for your next vacation.

Interesting Links: I could just fill my blog with lots of different links (like I did here).

Cliffhanger: Or I could be really mysterious and say something like...

Have you noticed a theme with frog pics lately? Wanna know why I keep posting pictures of my stupid frog tchotchkes? Do you think there is an actual reason? Stay tuned to find out...

Or... I could do all of the above to save myself from having to make such an important decision so early in the morning.
P.S. - In case you missed the previous frog pics, the first was at the very bottom of this post, the second was posted yesterday, and the third is at the top of this post. I might post a fourth, I haven't decided yet.

P.P.S. - I did have to go to that unbookmarked site again to find out how to spell "tchotchkes." In case you were wondering.


  1. I don't get it. The 7th comment is:
    Holy smokes, you are so funny!

    What did I miss?

  2. You missed picking up on that brain fart of mine and realizing I meant the 8th comment. Number 8. The one after Holy smokes...

  3. Too funny. Just yesterday I added the word tchotchke to my running list of words that I like (yes, I actually am that big of a dork!) and I had to look up how to spell it, too. Weird coincidence, eh?


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